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For Junior club enquiries and to apply to join please contact:

Electronic payment wherever possible please.

Lloyds Bank

Sort code: 30-91-91

Account number: 22018460

Account name: HBC Juniors

Whenever a payment is being made please reference if possible the player's name and purpose (class, restring, holiday camp, arrears, facility fee etc)


Walthamstow Hall, Holly Bush Lane, Sevenoaks TN13 3UL

No outdoor shoes allowed in the hall (including non-players) please remove shoes before entering the sports hall.

If you are having difficulty finding the hall or getting access through the outside door please call Alex 07802 783978 or Tara 07787 526007

Spring Term Classes - Places must be reserved by email to

Please do not make any payment until Jan 7th because if any groups are oversubscribed we may have to move players around.

Members priority booking until 1st January.

Most group lessons will be oversubscribed, please wait for confirmation before making any payments. Any remaining places will be made available to new members after 1st Jan.

Mondays: 9th Jan to 27th March excluding 13th Feb, 11 weeks

6-7.30pm Bronze, Tania Potapenko, 18 places 


Tuesdays: 10th Jan to 28th March, excluding 14th Feb, 11 weeks

6-8pm, Silver/Gold, Heather Olver, 14 places (3 courts)


8-10pm, U18 Gold, Tania Potapenko and Heather Olver, 11 weeks


Wednesdays: 11th Jan - 29th March , excluding 15th Feb, 11 weeks

6-8pm, Silver, Jo Muggeridge, 18 places 


8-10pm, Jo Muggeridge - Senior County team players - Booking and fees -privately arrange through Jo

Thursdays: 12th Jan - 30th March , excluding 16th Feb, 11 weeks

6-8pm, U15 Gold, Alex Easton and Tania Potapenko


7.30-9.30pm, Silver/Gold group, first half hour is off court fitness/warm-up 


Fridays: Pay and Play, Bagelboys clubnight 6-8pm, £5, speak to Alex if interested, badminton-playing parents welcome

Saturdays: 7th Jan - 1st April , excluding 11th and 18th Feb, 11 weeks

9-10.30, Bronze, Zeyar Win

10.30-12, Silver, Zeyar Win

12-1.30pm, Beginner, Zeyar Win

1.30-3pm, Beginner, Jo Muggeridge

3-4.30pm, Bronze/Silver, Jo Muggeridge


Sundays: 8th Jan - 2nd April , excluding 12th and 19th Feb, 11 weeks

9-10.30, Beginner County Cell

10.30-12, U13 County Cell

12-2pm, U18 County Cell


Sunday Coaches: Tania Potapenko and/or Alex Easton and/or Ethan Solly

Additional coach who will be covering as necessary; Emily Tillman

1-1s and small groups are sometimes available on request with the coaches where courts are available. Any player who has regular 1-1 or small group sessions is required to make an annual contribution of £50 towards venue hall costs - see below.


Class guidelines – contact Alex for questions or clarification.

or 07802 783978

Bronze: 10-15 years who have had some coaching, played in school, have got correct grip and overhead hitting technique.

Silver: 12 years and older – Countyish standard, playing competitively for school, county or club.

Gold: Playing Badminton England age group tournaments, representing County

Regional County Cells - open to any young players from HBC and surrounding junior clubs who are County standard players and available to be selected for Kent Shires team matches.

Senior Gold: Juniors and Seniors who are selected for the Kent senior county teams 

All group coaching fees are payable (in advance) to HBC Juniors. Lloyds Bank, Sort Code: 30-91-91, Account number: 22018460.


This season the club will pay an annual club registration fee and basic membership costs for all juniors. 

Players who need the extra BE "compete" license (in order to enter BE tournaments or play in Kent County teams) can pay this online after logging on to the BE membership platform. The current membership year 22-23 expires in October 23.

FACILITY USE FEE - Court fees for additional 1-1 and small group sessions

2022/23: £50 for all juniors and students, £100 for all adults

This fee applies from Sept 2022 to end August 2023 and applies to all junior and senior players who have extra 1-1 or small group sessions with Alex, Jo, Heather, Tania, Nathan or any other approved visiting coach where the coach is paid in cash. Please make the payment before you are chased for it and reference "Facility".

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