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5 days of coaching, 87 junior players, 5 venues, 11 team matches, 3 days of TWBL Open tournament and loads of fun.

We present HBC's 2013 summer camp:

TWBL girls doubles winners Tsui & Paige team up with Akul & Jacob for the camera.....smiles all round.

He dominated the u19 Mixed & boy's doubles but Denmark's Mathias Baskjaer came a close 2nd to England's Angus Pedersen in the u19 TWBL boy's singles final in 3 sets.

Young HBC starlet Holly Williams had to fight hard in the u11 girls singles to overcome Alexandra Oprisan from Surrey in another 3 set final.

Tournament Sponsor CATLIN Insurance could not have a more appropriate slogan in "UNDERWRITING AMBITION"......

How did Michael Field manage to pull his top off before he hits his smash?

No jump though - sort out that technique next time mate........

Ethan Solly & Rachel Galvin go out & prove that all is not lost if you lose your first match as they battle through to the final of the u15 mixed, but come a close 2nd in the end to HBC's Guy Jones & Emily Easton.

England's men's singles #2 Carl Baxter puts our group 1 players through their paces in a rapid fire multi-feed drill

Team TRIF's caoch Mogens Horne-Mortensen takes a break with HBC's Ethan Tarr, Sam Goddard, Darcey Berry & Tom Larchet, 4 of our "ones for the future".

HBC is a friendly but competitive club of approx 60 active adult players & 100 juniors.

It is hoped that Carl plus a few more exciting players will join HBC's coaching staff in the forthcoming season given the growth & interest in junior badminton at HBC these last few years.

They challenged the best in "beat the coach" but few managed to complete the task.........

We all learned how to stretch "Indian style" & many will change their warm-up & stretch down routines as a result.

A few comments from participants:

"Definitely a big success. You can always judge the quality of a camp

on the last day. Players had bonded and although tired nobody wanted

to leave.

Comments from George Bevan, one of our lead coaches:

"The camp was a great success for players from all over Europe. All

players had packed schedules and worked exceptionally hard throughout

the week with purposeful training and practice for all.

The range of age-groups and levels of development meant that players were

constantly exposed to visible next steps which is very valuable.

The environment at Sevenoaks and the surrounding venues created a magical feel for players and promoted a sense of purpose whilst also allowing players to bond and have fun.

The mix of technical, tactical and physical training was balanced with some great matches/tournaments throughout the week so players were continually asked to apply their new skills in the heat of good competition, under pressure, where it counts.

Although exhausted by end of the week, I didn't want to leave!

This has to happen again next year!"


1. Turquoise/brown Abercrombie & Kent Flip flops

2. Blue knobbly roller

3. Red swim kit bag (empty), LOG Sport 48

4. Black racket head cover, SOC

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